Wednesday, October 13, 2010

While I'm Up at 7 am

Typing that title just made me realized I missed Boy Meets World...which is on at 7 am. Dammit.

Moving on.

I know I've been neglecting this blog, but in all fairness, I've been neglecting school work, actual school, cleaning my apartment, and my cat. Thankfully, only one of those can actually bite my ankles. I had a post saved from the Philly pre-season game, but posting that now would even be out of whack, even if I were Versus or

First of all, when did we go into a losing streak? Mike Harrington has a post saying that it's our first losing streak of the year. A losing streak is losing three and more games (I base this on nothing, or a little about how our losing streaks are 8-10 games a year), so tonight will make that call.

I feel like saying ' but it's the New Jersey Devils' can go both in a good and bad way (like Tampa Bay, Shelby).

I have this irking that Patty is going to play, and so does Shelby. Again, based on nothing than our never dying hope for that man. It doesn't fit into the pattern of the two times a year Patty does get to play, but it's worth a hope. Maybe if not, this weekend (fat chance).

I'm excited or Hank to be back tonight, and I'm sure not many people are. From the looks of it, he's been doing very well with the Devils, which is all you can hope for when a player you adore leaves. He'll probably score on us.

Shelby and I, due to her undying kindness, are going to the game tonight (we also went to the home opener, but other than our excessive screaming, body slamming of Rangers fans, and Jordan Leopold, who wants to remember THAT). Our Rivet jerseys will finally be debuted in the regular season (unless Patty plays, HA!) after being worn for the Toronto pre-season game...I think. Or maybe we didn't...I dunno, either way, big night tonight! we lose tonight, THEN it's a losing streak. Maybe, I dunno.

I still haven't been able to form an opinion on this Pominville thing. I was at work when it happened, and only got brief updates from Shelby from my phone that was NOT hiding in my drawer (my manager seemed puzzled that I knew the updates of the game, but didn't ask questions). I suppose not seeing it first hand took away from my shock of it, because I knew almost right away that he was, for the most part, alright. By the time I had gotten home, he had a concussion and was alive.

I cannot recall the last time a Sabre was taken off in a stretcher, not even that ugly Danny Briere hit back in 2006 (I think). Not even Zednik, though that was a much uglier situation than this. It was a dirty hit, that's for sure, but until someone dies, it's going to keep happening.

I'm not going to lie, as soon as I found out he was okay, I thought maybe a little time off for the guy would be...uh...good. And for some reason people think that Saturday, at the end of the agonizing two game suspension, will be some sort of blood shedding event. I know it's Chicago, but we are better than them.

Also, random thought of the day, today (well, last night) marks the four year anniversary of the October storm. And when I look out my window, I see the same thing I saw 4 years ago...grass.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


So, I just started looking on Getty Images at the pictures from Sabre adventures in Dundas, and it kinda just crossed my mind that this was actually such an awesome thing for the little town.

Last night, we were discussing how it was good that we didn't go, because it was really important for the town (they probably would have sniffed us out) to have their own thing.

I live ten minutes from the arena, and can decide at 6 pm if I'm going to a game, and obviously not everyone can do that with a team. Dundas is close to both us and Toronto, but its not the same luxury.

Seeing those little kids standing in the rain waiting for players, and seeing the players stand there getting wet to sign for them, and handing out pucks, and going to their schools really tug at the heart strings. You know it's a good time when Lindy gets involved. Lindy interacting with little children is like watching a walrus juggling: you don't expect it, you don't know what to do when it happens, and it's so cute to watch.
Even the little things like this!

All the players that were spoken to commented on how they were once in the little kids positions (even Lindy, though he was never a little kid). I can only begin to imagine the thrill for them. I spent the first four years of my life living in a town outside Montreal that was so small, you didn't know it was there unless you were almost out of gas on the 40, I'm sure something like that there would have been tremendous (and they would have all been rooting for the Sabres).

And, and even bigger treat, we beat the friggin Senators! Without Thomas Vanek scoring! Granted, it was their B-team (Chris Neil doesn't count, hes lucky he's not on the Y team), but we're desperate, we'll take it!

Though I must say, the high point of the evening was Shelby yelling six stories down (she was in my apartment, I was walking into the building) that Thomas had the A. I love that weirdo.

Not to mention, I could have scored the first goal, but it's something we can hold in our defense when they're kicking our ass in the coming months.

I must say, I am very fond of Mr. Niedermayer (can't imagine many who aren't). I was so excited when we signed a Niedermayer, I didn't care which one it was. Even if his signing bliss only lasted mere hours until Patty signed, it's still awesome.

I was annoyed when Tyler got more of a cheer on the red carpet when they were together. Nothing against Tyler, I know he had a great year and everyone is excited, but it's a friggin Niedermayer!

He has the bushiest beard EVER, his gray hair indicates wisdom, HE KNOWS WHAT THE FRIGGIN CUP LOOKS LIKE!

What he's doing here, I don't know. I just hope no one makes him wonder that....

Necessary mommy picture, classssssy

Monday, September 27, 2010

Fancy, Boys!

Maybe there's something about the off season that just deflates me of all hockey decency (Darcy Syndrome) because the first preseason game always reminds me of the tactics of attending a hockey game. Especially when going with Shelby.

Saturday, as we know, embarked as the last team to start their pre-season. Once again, it was against the Leafs, once again, we won (I feel like we're not allowed to lose in pre-season, or against the Leafs), and once again the Sabres arrived in style.

Or so I'm told, to be perfectly honest, a certain event at the red carpet wiped my mind clean of basically everything but my social security number.

Shut up, you adore it! Jordan Leopold, you get credit for trying (and for naming your daughter Jordyn), but no.

Nice try getting me to learn to appreciate you, bonus points there.

Anyways, on to the game portion of the night.

We were early, of course, because of the red carpet event. Shelby and I are rarely early to the game unless it's San Jose or for some reason I miscalculated. Our typical routine is arrive, buy raffle tickets/poster, head to 100 levels for warm ups. But I was so busy running around the arena to find our one friend who works the concession stand to show her the adorableness above, that didn't happen.

Come to think of it, when I saw them coming out for warm ups on the screen, I was kind of like ' oh, right, they do that.' None the less, very excited to see that Mr. Timmy was wearing an A, and not even that shocked that Robbie had one too. I have a feeling that is going to stick.

Shelby and I sat in the 200 section, as you can see my the clear cups (I'm sure she's glad I didn't use the other picture of our drinks that night). I would save up to sit there during the season, at least for one game. I'm all for situations where you don't have to stand up (except for peanut butter pie, totally worth it!).

Pre-Season is always interesting in the sense that you watch the games and, even on the other team, are you puzzled by numbers and names that you've never seen before and, in a few days, won't see until next pre-season.

Never the less, it was nice to see new guys, Robbie and Shaoooone, play for the first time. One thing that irked me on the red carpet is that people cheered louder for big Tyler than Robbie when they were near each other. Yes, he won the Calder, but for crying out loud we have a NIEDER BROTHER!

Sigh, hopefully over time. He did score, so, bonus points.

I don't know, I never see the point of re-capping the jist of the game- if you didn't see it, you already know. Robbie scored, Nate broke half his bones taking out a Leaf, somehow we won with a rookie goalie in net. All impressive, yes, but why should I bore you repeating it?

Instead, I shall leave you with this:

She was pointing to the mean fans who are mean to her daddy!

Lets see how the big guy does tonight!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

You Can See Hockey on the Horizon...Unless You're Toni Lydman

Yesterday at Puck Drop was very similar to three (four?) years ago.

Watching players, some that you can't name yet, come out from behind the curtain in " new" (that term being used both to say that no, they're not and ' dude, you leaked it, Sabres) jerseys. I must say, my reaction was relatively the same.

" Hey, look at that"

followed by

" Well they're not as bad as I thought"

followed by

" We really need to not hire Stevie Wonder's cousin to make these bad boys"

and then

" Why is everyone so constipated?"

and finally

" Who is going to spend money on this crap?"

Fast forward six months, probably me. Once the slug debuted, and I didn't care, it was that February I found myself owning one. However, am I the only one who really doesn't mind the slug? It's not that bad, unless you're totally ignoring the New York Islanders and the bad things they have come up with.

Hey, we can always get it right for the 50th anniversary, right? Or, as I plan to call it, " Patty Lalime's Retirement Year" and I'll be 33, ick.

Really the only thing " new" coming from Puck Drop yesterday was that it's pronounced ' Shaun' not ' Shane.' Shelby and I have set ourselves up for nine months of ' ....Shaun' ' who?' ' Shane!'

Also in the " new" category, Shelby and I FINALLY owning the Craig Rivet jerseys we promised ourselves...I don't know when, actually. Originally we were going to share one, but thankfully the economy improved enough so we wouldn't have to. I can justify spending $45 on a jersey, and even though Craigory is in what COULD be his last year, it's more logical than spending $150 on a logo we also had last year. But, what can you do?

Moving on.

This time of the year, I like to take a look at pretty much anyones training camps, just because you're so happy everything is slowly returning. And thank you to Darcy, there's always a new team you pay special attention to, because players you still adore now call there home.

There's been little information about Hank in his new home (other than, as of right now, he will be wearing #7), but the Devils are having a hard time on reporting on anyone whose name doesnt begin with the letter K and ends with olvachuk. Yeah, if he thought Ryan Miller was bad...this guy has an accent.

Wayyyyyyyy out in California, Toni hasn't even an ice rink yet. Actually, he's seen two. Shelby told me earlier in the week that Toni is already going to miss some time with an eye injury. Turns out he's suffering from double vision, and NO ONE for the life of them can figure out what it is.

It's California, if Botox can't fix, they don't know what the hell to do.

Ducks fan(s) are already mad that he's hurt, but until they see Tim Connolly break his spine from sneezing too hard, they don't know what real problems are.

Hopefully he's back to his normal, angry self soon. Four Sedins on one team? That's pretty harsh. At least it didn't happen to him, two Hanks I'm sure he can handle, but two Roys? He'd leave all over again.

Speaking of seeing double, I actually don't think Toni left.

That is apparently Jordan Leopold, but come on, we're not stupid. That messy, blonde hair totally says ' I'm Finnish, love me!'

Until he turns around.

But if we're careful, we'll never have to see him do that.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Just a Little Clarification

Like Halloween, the Patty bashing seems to start earlier and earlier every year.

People, did no one watch the NHL Awards? Geez.

Anyways, I started off my senior year bickering with one of those girls who think they know so much about hockey, but really can't come up with a response longer than two syllables.

Also known as Derek Roy fans.

This person was also a Tim Kennedy (it gets worse, she also likes Pominville) fan, and she thought making not-nice comments about Patty all last year would not come back and bite her in the ass.

We all know different.

So, just in case people have not removed head from rectum, lets just make sure we're all at least on the same page.

Not a Sabre, despite uniform

Currently a Sabre, hat included.

I found this while browsing Google for pictures and thought I would use it for my own reminder, seeing as this one is just not sticking in the ol brain of mine.

He, in case you missed it, is also a Sabre.

Not pictured, Scott Niedermayer

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Oh, hello there blog.

I swear I usually great ideas for blogs (or mildly good)...but then there isn't much capacity left after I have to remember my email and password to log in. Ugh.

Anywho, I motivated myself for this one. I was in the shower this morning and had a realization, other than the fact that I need a new razor. Puck Drop is two, count them TWO, weeks away! Crazy things happen when September first comes around and you realize hockey events are happening THIS MONTH.

Two weeks is nothing, and then we can actually see living, breathing HOCKEY PLAYERS. And new jerseys (bleh) and what not.

And what comes after Puck Drop? TRAINING CAMP

After training camp? PRESEASON

After PRESEASON? A small break and then...

Well, you know.

It's going to happen so quickly, so I will go through my usual stressed out rants about getting home opener tickets. This is on top of paying for Catwalk and a new passport. That's the order of my priorities sadly. The passport is not necessary until December when we head to Ottawa for possible death.

Thankfully, everyone is signed -glares at Drew Stafford- so my own irresponsibility-ness is all I have to be stressed about.

Oh, and starting school on Tuesday. Bleh.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Ohhhh Mr. Sylvester!

So...I'm a cashier at Tops. I know, it's so glamourous it's hard to handle, but what can you do. Those Sabres tickets aren't going to buy themselves...I tried.

Anywho, night shifts mean smaller orders but dumber people. We had issues tonight because I was the only cashier on register, and a lot of stuff needed to get so I was back and forth off register, usually only there when people moan and groan because the self scan is sooooo awful.

Moving on.

A guy came into my line just as I was trying to put my close sign up, and I even put the sign around the groceries he had on the belt. He made a comment about it being rude, but I think it was a joke because I said I was just trying to get away but I could still take him.

As I kept watching him and listening to his voice, I kept thinking I know who this guy is, but it wasn't clicking. Then, something in my head told me to search for dimples, and I did. The mystery man wasn't smiling (no one in Tops ever does). Instead of keeping everybody waiting, I just blurted it out:

" Are you Kevin Sylvester?"

Not to be mistaken with past tough questions such as " are you Jason Spezza?" and " are you Rick Jeanerette?"...those these seem to happen every two years.

There was a pause. Looking back on it, I don't think it was that long, but long enough for in my head to go ' ahhhh, he's not.'

But, obviously if he wasn't, there'd be no blog post.

He said ' yes' the way I said ' yes' when my dad asked me if the tattoo on my ankle was you were sorry the answer was indeed ' yes.' Maybe he's like the Patrick Lalime of broadcasting- adorable, but isn't sure if anyone really likes him. Then there's Tamara, secretly in love with him.

I told him, while laughing, that I didn't recognize him. That was actually true. The man was in shorts, a t-shirt, and a baseball cap. What do we usually see Kevin in? Suit and tie...he's usually talking to the guys IN the baseball caps.

After a brief chit chat, I told him that I was one of the two girls that approached him at the end of the season with the Patrick Lalime bobblehead to get a picture.



And he looked at me as though there were multiple occasions. Maybe, and that is a big maybe, I'm not the only owner of said bobblehead in Buffalo, but I am the ONLY ONE who went up to Kevin (with multiple other adventures) for a picture.

He eventually did remember, most people can recall events with the terms ' Patrick Lalime scrapbook.' He was then concerned with whether or not the scrapbook actually made it to Mr. Lalime. I had to think for a minute before responding ' yes...during the playoffs!'

We both had to remember there was something called the playoffs recently in Buffalo.

Then there was something about being able to see Rob Ray's head from a mile away (that was my response to Kevin saying he gets asked if he's himself a lot, I think it fit at the time) and a brief statement of the places the bobblehead went (I stopped when he looked concerned).

Regardless, I had a smile on my face for the rest of the night.

Oh, and he had a bonus card.

Thank you for shopping at Tops.